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Riding a bicycle is a great childhood memory for most people, and many come back to the hobby as adults for a variety of reasons.

Mountain Bikes Vs. Road Bikes

Riding a bicycle is a great childhood memory for most people, and many come back to the hobby as adults for a variety of reasons. Some people enjoy cycling as a sport, while others just use a bicycle to get from point A to point B. If you’re thinking about purchasing a bicycle at a road bike shop, you’ll need to choose between a mountain bike and road bike, or street bike. In general, the way you plan to use your bike should influence the type of bike you buy.


If you’re interested in speed, a road bike is definitely the best choice for you. Racing bikes are a type of road bike, usually made with very strong, lightweight frames of carbon fiber or titanium. They have thin wheels and thin, smooth tires that minimize resistance to the surface of the road and help you achieve a high speed. Racing bikes are also designed so that rider leans forward with hands low on the handlebar to allow for more pedaling power. A road bike shop in Singapore can help you find the fastest bike you can handle if you’re interested in racing.

If you’re a commuter with generally smooth roads to ride on, a road bike is also a good choice. A typical road bike is made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum, generally a less expensive material than titanium or carbon fiber, but like a racing bike, a standard road bike has thin wheels and relatively smooth tires. A road bike will help you minimize your commute time as long as you’re riding on a smooth surface. A Singapore road bike shop will have a wide selection of styles and brands to choose from.

However, if you’re riding on an uneven surface, or if you’re just not quite sure of yourself yet, a mountain bike could be a better choice. Mountain bikes are not only for off-road trails; they can also help keep you upright if you hit a pothole or debris on a city street. Mountain bikes are usually heavier than road bikes and may be made of aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber. The position of the handlebars keeps the rider in an upright position, which makes it easy to see what’s going on in your environment. Mountain bike tires are wider and much thicker, with raised lugs that grip the ground. They also compare favorably to road bikes in terms of suspension and shock absorption.

To recap, a road bike is the best choice for speed and for smooth surfaces, while a mountain bike is the best choice for uneven roads or off-road riding. If you where to buy road bikes in Singapore, talk with a salesperson about the different styles available and make sure to do a test drive before you buy.

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